Data download

Download the data underlying the Lipid Droplet Knowledge Portal in tab-delimited text files (.tsv)

Filename: lipid_gene_rnaseq_tsv
Download (1.3 MB)
Description: RNA sequencing data of THP-1 macrophages +/- ac-Lipo (plus a column showing if the gene is a hit in the RNAi screen).

Filename: lipid_gene_to_synonym_uniprot.tsv
Download (1.8 MB)
Description: Conversion table between genes and proteins.

Filename: lipid_gene_zscores.tsv
Download (2 MB)
Description: RNAi screen data of THP-1 macrophages.

Filename: lipid_magma.tsv
Download (180.2 MB)
Description: Gene-level association scores generated by MAGMA analysis.

Filename: lipid_mouse_phospho.tsv
Download (5.2 MB)
Description: Mouse liver phosphoproteome data.

Filename: lipid_mouse_proteome.tsv
Download (132 KB)
Description: Mouse liver proteome data.

Filename: lipid_phosphopcp.tsv
Download (5.1 MB)
Description: Mouse organelle phosphoproteome data.

Filename: lipid_proteinpcp.tsv
Download (2.6 MB)
Description: Mouse organelle proteome data.

Filename: lipid_proteome_sum159.tsv
Download (47 KB)
Description: Lipid droplet proteome of SUM159 cells.

Filename: lipid_proteome_thp1.tsv
Download (130 KB)
Description: Lipid droplet proteome of THP-1 cells.

Filename: RNAi_screen_image_parameters.txt
Download (6 KB)
Description: List of the parameters used for image analysis in the RNAi screen.